Doug Myers

Douglas Myers is a noted scholar in the field of Baroque music, especially the music for trumpet and horn, and is one of the most respected experts in the field of the  .  Through his tireless research, he has uncovered new works of J. S. Bach and has a large private collection of manuscripts, primarily German Baroque.

Doug's warm and engaging style delights audiences and instrumental demonstrations bring his presentations to life.  Visual representations of the instruments, as well as pictorial scenes from the period also enrich the lectures.

Some of his available lectures include:
"The Baroque Horn"
"Bach and the Horn"
"The Scond Brandenberg Concerto - Horn or Trumpet"
These lectures can be stand alone engagements or held in conjucntion with musical performances.

"I would recommend Mr. Myers whole-heartedly as a performer, as a scholar, and as a teacher.  He is an unusual blend of practical player at the top level, and an imaginative and thoughtful scholar in the history of his instruments."

-Samuel Baron, Professor of Music, SUNY Stonybrook

Click here to read Mr. Myers'  engaging and informative
"History of the  French Horn"