Doug Myers
Trumpet and Horn Soloist

Doug Myers started his brilliant career at age 18 by performing in symphony orchestras - fromMilwaukee to Norway to Hong Kong.  After years of acclaim for his solo work with these groups, he is now devoted exclusively to the solo literature for trumpet, as well as for the newly-developed piccolo French horn, or Corno da caccia.

Mr. Myers is a noted Bach trumpet and horn specialist.  He has performed with virtually every important Bach group in the United States, including the Bach Aria Group, the Berkshire Bach Society at Tanglewood, the Bethlehem Bach Orchestra, the Emmanuel Bach Orchestra (Boston) and the Winter Park Bach Festival (Florida).

Doug has participated as a soloist around the world in festivals from Germany to Norway to California.  He has also appeared as soloist with dozens of national and international orchestras.

As a Baroque scholar, he has uncovered new works by Bach and his contemporaries.  He has edited several works for publication and is Past President of the New England Bach Society.

Mr. Myers has played for kings, queens, princes and princesses, presidents and heads of state, and is now available to play for YOUR audiences!

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